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Officially quarantine in the city is held from March, 12 to April 3, 2020, in the country - from March, 16 to April, 3. Entering Ukraine for the foreigners is forbidden.

During the quarantine in the city,

  • accommodations (hotels, hostels);
  • restaurants, cafes, etc.;
  • public transport (subway, buses), transport services;
  • grocery stores, pharmacies, hospitals;
  • ATMs are still working.


  • educational institutions (schools, kindergartens, Universities);
  • entertainment establishments (cinemas, entertainment complexes);
  • museums are closed.

If you have any symptoms:


238-15-01 Ministry of Foreign Affairs` hotline

566 Ukrainian International Airlines` hotline

102 Police


KSCA: March, 11 – April, 03
OPU: 16.03 (entry is prohibited)
Departure is obligatory before March, 16